The diet, essential in our oral healthcare

el azúcar en exceso puede provocar caries

The diet we follow regularly are closely related to our health and our aspect. One of the points of our organism that is directly influenced is our mouth; not in vain, through it the food we ingest to nourish us come in.

Depending on the typology and the quantity of food we eat, we will be more or less exposed to the development of some oral pathologies, such as caries or gum disease.

There are some foods that, because of their characteristics, can cause greater damage to our teeth if we don’t take suitable actions of oral hygiene. The main ones are those ones rich in sugars, just like beverages that contain a high quantity of acids, like energy drinks.

If we don’t clean our teeth correctly, some foods are also damaging – those which tend to get stuck to the teeth, like chocolate, candy or cookies, among others.

The same attention we have to pay to hard turrón (Spanish nougat), seafood with shells or other foods that, because of its hardness, may come to fracture a tooth in a bad bite.


This ones may help us

In the opposite case, we can find apples, vegetables, milk or cured cheese, that sometimes may become an ally for oral healthcare.

Another important ‘friend’ is the chewing gum, sugarless, of course. Chewing it will help eliminate possible remains of food in out mouths and will cause the generation of more saliva, that will help us with the oral protection.

Aesthetically, coffee, wine or chocolate may cause, if consumed regularly in large quantities, spots or alterations of colour on the dental pieces.


Number of foods per year

How many times do we eat a day? Every time we do it, oral healthcare may resent if we are not that strict with the hygiene. This is why it is important not to have snacks between hours too frequently, since if we do, we will be putting a red carpet to the caries.

The important thing is to keep a discipline when it comes to brushing our teeth. This is the best way to eat what we want -with certain logic- without worrying too much about the effects that some foods may cause in our mouths.



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