Promotion “Get ready for a radiant spring”

During these spring months, in Oviedo&Miranda, we invite you to visit our specialists in Orthodontic Treatment and Dental Aesthetics.

Orthodontic Treatment and Dental Aesthetics

These two specialities have evolved considerably for the last few years within modern dentistry.

We all want a beautiful smile

We all want to have a beautiful smile. Studies reveal that 80 % of those polled considered that the feature that they most notice of people when they meet somebody is their smile. In the first place, they notice the mouth, and in the second place, the eyes.

This made us, in Oviedo&Miranda, create a specialized office with fully trained professionals to personally be in charge of the orthodontic and aesthetic cases.

During this spring, we want you to improve your smile. This is the reason why we suggest to you a special price on the orthodontic and dental aesthetic treatments.

Save up to € 350 in your treatments.

We know that with the orthodontic treatment you will get a beautiful smile and improve your mouth’s functionality. Furthermore, if we add on dental whitening, you will have a spectacular smile.

That is your best cover letter.

Promotion conditions:

  • This promotion applies to new orthodontic treatments from the 20th March until the 20th June 2015.
  • All diagnosis will be carried out under the supervision of the professionals of Oviedo & Miranda.
  • This offer does not apply to other promotions.
  • Excluded to orthodontic treatments from insurances and orthodontic treatments that have already begun.

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