Lanzarote Dental Implants

Cirugía dental Guiada
Coronas a Medida
Estudio de cada caso

Among of our specialties in Oviedo&Miranda are the Dental Implants.

The loss of pieces may generate important problems in the future if not checked on time.

Among the most important alterations, we highlight:

  • The appearance of spaces between teeth that retain the remains of food that favour the appearance of caries and gum inflammation.
  • The teeth end up moving, making the bone that holds those who are close to the pieces debilitate and make the healthy pieces fall.
  • The absence of pieces, especially people aged between 25 and 50 years of age helps the appearance of wrinkles, since the absence of dental pieces helps the loss of muscle tone.
Explicación de los implantes dentales
Phases in an implantology treatment
Phase 1: Diagnosis through X-Ray, that allows our team to plan and study each case. Free diagnosis.
Phase 2: Placing the implant. This is an artificial root that substitutes the missing root. Local anesthesia is needed.
Phase 3: Check-up of the surgery and how the root settles.
Phase 4: Placing the crown.

Dr Oviedo is a model of surgery and implantology in Lanzarote with more than 8,000 implants placed.

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