Do you use dental floss as a complement to brushing your teeth?

el hilo dental es fundamental e n la higiene de la boca y dientes

Unless oral negligence, we all have at least one toothbrush at home to worry about a healthy mouth daily. But beyond this toothbrush there are other elements and measures to earn an adequate hygiene in teeth and gum that not everybody usually use despite the recommendations of the specialists. And in this post we are going to refer to one of them: the dental floss.

There where the toothbrush cannot reach between the teeth and under the gum, the dental floss can, and we must use it, at least, once a day.

What is the dental floss made of?

The dental floss is made of different filaments, whose main aim is reaching those interdental gaps under the gum in the dental hygiene. It is complementary to the brushing of teeth, not a substitute.

Reasons to use it

It is in charge of removing the rests of food that remain between the dental pieces, just like the plaque.

This is the way to use it

We take a portion of dental floss of, approximately, between 35 and 50 centimeters of length. We roll it around our middle fingers, in a way that we use 3 to 4 centimeters to go over our teeth.

The movements must be from top to bottom, softly, without forcing. The floss has to slide in order to sweep away the rest of the food that may remain between these teeth. We have to add pressure over the teeth not over the gum. Through this video of the General Council of Dentists of Spain clears up how to use the dental floss.

What if my gum bleed?

The bleeding usually indicate us that our gum do not have good health. But that is not why we have to stop using the dental floss; furthermore, it is possible that its regular use may correct that circumstance and, by extension, ends that bleeding.

Interdental brushes

There are some people that present excessive gap between their teeth, which causes the loss of efficiency when it comes to using the dental floss. For them, professionals in dentistry recommend the use of interdental brushes.

These are brushes that are applied between the teeth, as dental floss. The success of its use will depend in the choice of the adequate size, depending on the separation that exists between the dental pieces.

For the people with severe periodontal pathologies, its regular use must be strict, since the interdental separation is bigger due to the loss of bone.


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