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Oral healthcare. Dental Dictionary (III): diastema, prosthodontics and baby bottle syndrome.

síndrome del biberón

On Oviedo & Miranda Dental Clinic of Lanzarote post for this week we resume, in its third installment, our Dental Dictionary, with which we pretend to bring closer to our readers those concepts and usual and daily terminology in the dentistry world.

In this case, we are going to analyze three concepts: diastema, prosthodontics and the so called baby bottle syndrome. We hope these lines be useful to you to know more about them.

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The diet, essential in our oral healthcare

el azúcar en exceso puede provocar caries

The diet we follow regularly are closely related to our health and our aspect. One of the points of our organism that is directly influenced is our mouth; not in vain, through it the food we ingest to nourish us come in.

Depending on the typology and the quantity of food we eat, we will be more or less exposed to the development of some oral pathologies, such as caries or gum disease.

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Oviedo & Miranda Dental Clinic in Lanzarote wishes you a Merry Christmas

“Remembrance, like a candle, shines brightest at Christmas”. (Charles Dickens)

From the Oviedo & Miranda Dental Clinic in Lanzarote we want to thank you for your trust and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015.

A big hug.


Do you use dental floss as a complement to brushing your teeth?

el hilo dental es fundamental e n la higiene de la boca y dientes

Unless oral negligence, we all have at least one toothbrush at home to worry about a healthy mouth daily. But beyond this toothbrush there are other elements and measures to earn an adequate hygiene in teeth and gum that not everybody usually use despite the recommendations of the specialists. And in this post we are going to refer to one of them: the dental floss.

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